Friday, June 1, 2012


Ok, I know I've dropped off the radar these past few weeks. The last month of school was all about survival. After that 15k, I had multiple people tell me I needed to give myself a break. I did, but I'm not sure how well that worked for me. I think not running added to my stress even more...or at least took away my coping abilities.

I did learn a few things on my break...
1. Have a plan. During a break, it's probably a good idea to come up with a long is the break going to last? What will you actually be taking a break from? The early mornings? Running in general? It would have helped to think this one through.
2. Stay active. So I needed a break from running...that didn't mean I couldn't walk or do yoga or something.
3. Take care of yourself. I really should have spent some time foam rolling and stretching and just being nice to my body in general.

I started back to running this week. I love that it is summer and I get to run outside again. I had a good run on Monday, but then I was very sore and ended up with a weird pain behind my knee on Tuesday and Wednesday. It felt better yesterday, so I ran this morning...I just couldn't pass up running in 56* temps when I know that won't last long.

I'm going to do the Another Mother Runner Challenge to keep me moving this month, which means I'm going to spend some time today planning out my workouts. I've got a 5K in early July and want to break 30 minutes on it, so that will be my focus. After that, I'll start half marathon training for the 13.1 Dallas in October.

I'm also working on getting into a routine with the kids. It isn't happening easily. I'm still waiting on SB to get out of bed this morning (and yes, I've tried to wake her several times). Since it is cooler outside, we're planning on going to the park this morning and getting groceries later. I'll be gone Sunday/Monday, and I'll have a workshop later in the week. I'm hoping that after that we can get into a routine, but I know it really won't happen. The week after that the kids and I are both gone (to different places). There's always July, right?

I am enjoying getting to cook a little. We've already made a few new ice cream maker needed ice cream, mini Dutch babies, stuffed mushrooms. I've got lots planned for the summer, but I'm trying to remember that I don't have to get it all done. That's really hard for this Type A person to do, by the way. But I'm trying...

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  1. Good to hear from your blog again! Since my training plan has 4 running days, I only need to pick up a 5th activity per week. So I think I'll play that one by ear. I know the day I'll likely do my 5th workout...but not exactly sure WHAT the workout will be. Kinda depends on where I am and what the weather is. It will be yoga/strength, cycling, or swimming (our pool just opened for the summer). If the weather cooperates, I'll try swimming on Tuesday!