Monday, June 18, 2012

Challenge 52

In light of starting new things this week, this week's challenge is just that...challenge yourself. This can be in any area you want...running, fitness, weight loss, your home, your name it, it's your challenge.

I'm challenging myself to lose 13.1 pounds in 13 weeks all while training for my third half marathon.

The bigger challenge here is to plan out exactly how you're going to meet this goal. For me, this means coming up with a way to eat better and keep track of it and to plan my workouts. I've started this off by signing up for My Fitness Pal to keep track of calorie intake and burn. The next step this afternoon will be to work up a calendar for my workouts. I've been doing this a week at a time...ok, let's face it, maybe the night before. So...a plan it will be. I have a training plan for my half, but I know I will need to add in some strength and cross-training in order to burn enough calories.

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  1. Good challenge. With my taper having just started, I expect that I'll be going a little crazy - so something to keep me challenged will be nice. First, I plan to challenge myself to think beyond running by consistently adding yoga/stretching and biking to my schedule. The other challenge that I plan to undertake is to do some house organization. The girls' toys need to be thinned. My office is a disaster. My living room looks like a tornado swept through it. I have linens in my closet for beds I no longer have. You get the picture. That is going to take some time though. Thinking about it makes me stressed though! ;)