Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekly update

This week: 13.1 miles
YTD: 305 miles

I miss blogging. I miss eating well. I know I'm the only one that can change things. The adjustment to being home all summer with two kids is always a little rough. I always struggle with feeling like I can't get it all together, and summer just magnifies that because, in addition to all that I normally balance, I add in entertaining the kids and trying to do some projects around the house.

The kids will be gone next week, but unfortunately, so will I for most of it. I won't be able to get much done in the time I am home, but I'm going to try.

But...I have a plan for the rest of the summer. Well, not a really developed one, but I'm working on it. I have found several ideas on Pinterest that I'm going to give a whirl. The first is busy bags, activities the kids can do independently to practice skills like letter matching or hand-eye coordination.

The second idea uses the busy bags and is a station rotation. This blogger called it "How to Get 2 Hours of Sanity a Day." Love that! I plan on doing this at least once a week, probably on a day where we go somewhere in the morning. My rotation ideas are busy bags, Wii, computer (Reading Eggs or other educational games), library books and journals, TV (they will love that they don't have to watch the same thing), iPad, craft project, and maybe even some time with me one-on-one, like in the kitchen cooking or something. We won't do all of these each time, and they will only get a couple of the "screen time" stations each time we do this. We have really been working on limiting that this summer.

Sarah Beth did go to the Boys and Girls Club for the first time this summer yesterday. I think she likes it because she gets her own "me" time in a way. Now if I could just figure a way to entertain Ryan during that time. It's not that I want to be away from my kid all summer...I just don't know how to get it all done at the same time. I know that part of the solution is me setting some priorities...what really has to get done today? This week? This summer? I think I had pretty high expectations of what I could get done in the summer, like always.

I will say, we have done a lot of fun things already...library story time, a magic show, summer movies, crafts, cooking, sprinklers, trampoline fun...yeah, I like the list of what we HAVE done...makes me feel accomplished in some way.

I almost forgot one of the best things we did this week...the kids and I waked/ran to a local bakery for breakfast. It was a lot of fun! I wish I had thought to take pictures!

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  1. And I miss reading your blogs! xoxo

    Good way of looking at things: what you HAVE done, instead of what you HAVEN'T done.

    Week: 40 miles
    YTD: 412 miles