Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My running wish list

I'm making a list, checking it twice...

So, here's my running wish list. These are in no particular order and do not convey any brand loyalty or preference...they just happened to be the easiest pictures to find.

1. Running gloves. This weekend's marathon relay showed me how much I need warm gloves for running!

2. A running hat. Just because.

3. A running jacket. Once again, it's cold.

4. A pullover. Wow, a recurring theme. Yes. It's cold. I like the thumbholes on this one!

5. Running sleeves. And I want a crazy print (but maybe not this one).

6. A running...hmmm, what would this be called? But isn't it cool?!

7. Running tights. Especially some with the extra support and compression. I tried on my mom's Stabilix tights, but I'm too short for where the support panels fall.

8. Running capris/skirt combo. The best of both worlds. I've yet to find a skirt with long enough shorts underneath, so why not combine my beloved capris with the too-chic and fun skirt?

9. So while we're at it...a running skirt that does have a long liner.

10. A running vest. With pockets. And warmth.

11. A Spibelt. It would just make races easier.

12. Women's Running magazine. Because I like to read. And I like to run.

An even dozen things I'd love to have to make my running just a little easier. Will I get these things now? No. But I can dream :)

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