Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh, this has got to end soon...

Well, I gave in and went to Urgent Care today. After a week and a half of one thing after the other, I had to do something. Actually, I was fine with the fever, and even the cough, but when it went to my head and lodged itself in my sinus cavities...that was it. Eviction notice served. Z-Pack started. Please, oh, please, let this be over soon!

I can not wait for a run! And a real one...outside...and long. Oh, how I need one! I'm hoping my Monday I will be up for it. My hubby will be home, so I should be able to make a naptime getaway.

I'm terrified that this is going to set me back. I'd originally said that my half marathon training would begin Dec. 27. But then I used Smart Coach on and got one to start Dec. 20. However, I'm thinking waiting until after Christmas might be a good idea.

I haven't met my December goals though. I've only made 1 run a week after the relay. I haven't even started the strength training thing...again. Why is this such a big deal for me? Argh. I guess that will be my New Year's resolution...

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