Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nine Websites I Like

In the trend of the 12 Days of Christmas, here are 9 websites I tend to frequent:

1. Run Like a Mother Book, This site is based off the book of the same title and is a great community of women runners. Funny, insightful, helpful.

2. Runner's World, Of course, Runners World is a magazine for runners, and the website has a little bit of everything. There are great training plans, strength training ideas, forums, etc. It is my go-to resource. I especially love the Smart Coach feature to create my own training plans.

3. Jeff Galloway, I've used this for some of my race training plans. If nothing else, I use it as a basis.

4. Hal Higdon, Same as above. I use it as a reference point when making my training plans.

5. Running Planet, Again, lots of information here, from training to gear to form.

6. Fitness Magazine, This one also has a lot of information. I really like their picture-by-picture core workouts.

7. Motion Traxx, I actually found this one through Fitness Magazine. I downloaded a 5K track and love it. It is based on bpm of the music, has few words, and keeps me going. I like that the track I have is continuous so I don't notice how long I've gone.

8., This is where I go to find a race.

9. Run On!, I use it to find Texas races, but there's more to the site than just race dates and locations.

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