Sunday, October 16, 2011

Piecing it together

So yesterday's run was totally pieced together, but it turned out really well. I had a time frame because my husband had a meeting, so I knew I had to be back. However, it was still really dark when I needed to be starting, so I hopped on the treadmill for two miles while I was waiting for it to lighten up a bit. I took those miles pretty slow, and in retrospect, should have picked up the pace. To be honest, during the treadmill miles, I was reallybquetioning my ability to do 8. I was also seriously wondering whether my compression sleeves were a good idea. They made my legs feel weird. I hit the the road with 6 to go. It was nice and chilly outside, but I had already warmed up nicely, so I ditched the arm warmers before I began. I regretted that about a half mile down the road but I ended up warming up nicely as the sun came up. The compression sleeves ended up feeling pretty good by the end of the run. I was actually able to do negative splits on the run. I should probably plug the Garmin in to see exactly what my pace looked like, but I know I did the last 2.8 in 27 minutes. I jogged about a quarter mile after my 8 to get me home quicker. I came in, checked on the kids, and cooled down the rest of a mile on the treadmill.

So, my run was pieced together, but it worked! The break down would look like this:
2 miles on the treadmill
6 miles on the road
.32 miles cooling down on the road
.68 miles cooling down on the treadmill

I did cut 5 minutes off last week's 8-mile run! I am really happy with that!

Overall the run was really a good one. I focused on enjoying my "me" time and really enjoying the peacefulness of being outside on a beautiful day.

Mileage Report:
Weekly: 20 miles
YTD: 619.85 miles

I am now over 600 miles for the year! Just about 63 to go to reach my goal for the year!

That also means it is about time to replace my shoes. I am torn between just getting a new pair of what I have (after all, they are working) and trying something new. I will be at a Luke's Locker this week and may see what they have to say. If I stick with what I have, I can get them online for a lot less than what I originally paid for mine.

This week is shaping up to be a crazy week, so I may have to practice this idea of piecing it all together...but it works!

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  1. I'm so happy that your run went well! I thought about you during mine and was praying that your aches and pains weren't bothering you! Ready to "re-do" yesterday's rough run this coming Saturday - which will be my longest run!

    Weekly: 18.1 miles
    YTD: 342.55 miles