Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today, I took a "mental health day" with my mom and sister. It was actually a day to cash in our birthday IOU's from Mom at Luke's Locker in Fort Worth. For Carrie, it was a pair of shoes. For me, it was a fuel belt.

Today was good for the sole soul.

We decided to leave around 8, giving us some extra time at home in the morning, a rarity for the three of us teachers. I made homemade donuts for the kids and had time to eat with them. I also got to take my lil buddy to Grammy's and SB to school.

We had a great time on the way down there, laughing our heads off at silly things, and getting to catch up with each other. It's probably been a year since we've done something just the three of us...and it was probably going to Luke's last year!

Once at Luke's Carrie, then Mom, got fitted for new shoes. I think they both ended up in Brooks. I think I'm going to stick with my Asics Cumulus 13 and order them online soon since they are cheaper that way...especially since I found them in a different color.
I went looking for a hydration belt and ended up with the Amphipod RunLite4. The flasks are movable and removable and you can add things to the belt. I'm looking forward to giving this a try soon! It seems to be pretty secure and easy to use. We will see...

We then had lunch at a deli and stopped by one other running store we saw on our way out. I ended up with two more pairs of my favorite running socks, Wright brand. Love those things!

Once home we picked up the kids and headed to Academy for some Rangers shirts. We're looking forward to game 1 of the World Series tomorrow night! The coolest thing ever is that my hubby got to work the game Saturday night when the Rangers clinched it. Here's what he brought home for a souvenir for the kids:

Doesn't my husband rock? And I have to give kudos to Josh Hamilton too...the kids, mainly Ryan, thought this was awesome and still giggles every time he watches it.

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  1. You're going to love the Amphipod. I don't even realize its there now that I'm used to it!