Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Saturday Catch-Up

Ok, I thought about a post for Three Thing Thursday. I began a post as a Four Thing Friday. And now it's Saturday. Yep, the picture shows how this week has gone. So, let's recap.

Tuesday: SB complains of a headache and throws up all the way home from Grammy's. She goes right to sleep. Ryan falls asleep while we are cleaning up the mess. Both kids sleep until the next morning.

Wednesday: The doctor wants to see SB because of the headache/vomiting combo, so we take her in that afternoon. It looks like she has migraines. Not what you want to hear for a six-year-old, but at least it's manageable.

Thursday: I was scheduled to run on Thursday this week. It's the first week of four runs, but I didn't get it done before school and it was too hot after school. Plus, it was date night! I don't run in the dark alone so a night run wasn't really an option...although Chad did offer to pull the treadmill into the driveway for me. I'm pretty sure that would have looked redneck drawn a few stares.

Friday: I made myself get up and run. I should have run 3, but I cut it a half-mile short. Knowing that my virtual running buddy Chandra was on the same schedule as me, I figured she had run Thursday as scheduled, so I made myself run. What I didn't know was that she cut hers short too. We must have been on the same wavelength after all.

Saturday: What a beautiful morning for a run! It was quite a bit cooler than I expected. I headed out in shorts, a tank and arm warmers. I didn't dare go back inside to add a layer because I didn't want to wake anyone up. It turned out ok though. It was chilly for the first couple miles, but it felt fabulous! After hitting almost 100 degrees toward the end of this week, I'll take the cooler temps. Plus, at about 1.85 miles, I saw my sister running past, so we were able to run the last couple miles together. We both had 4 on the plan for today and met up pretty close. I ended up running 4.4 to finish her 4 with her. It makes such a difference to have a running buddy.

I came home and morphed into SuperMom. The kids and I fixed breakfast...a huge batch of the lil pigs in a blanket using lil smokies and crescent rolls. I bagged a lot of them up for the freezer so they can have them for breakfast in the next couple of weeks.

I did laundry and dishes, cleared the kitchen counters (oh, how I love clean counters!), and went to a church down the street that was having a garage sale. We scored a Lite Brite for 50 cents! And that thing kept the two of them playing quietly together (oh, yes, you heard me right! TOGETHER!) for almost an hour. I got down in the floor and played with them for a while since Chad was at a meeting. What fun! I love that the little things can be so entertaining.

And now we're in resting mode before Ryan's soccer game. SB has had a rash on and off all week, and it looks worse today than it has so far. And it's spread to her face a little. The doctor saw the faint version of it on Wednesday and seemed to think it was a reaction to something. She's in the tub now to see if that helps. Rashes make me nervous though. Luckily, it's not itchy so she's not complaining.

The to-do list is getting longer, and I'm getting very little of it done. I feel like I'm juggling all these parts, just waiting for something to fall. Running (not likely!)? School (not really an option)? Being a good mom? Being a good wife? Being a good friend (I hate that this one is sometimes it)? The house (most likely!)? I'm hoping that a new six weeks at school will bring a little less chaos and a little more order, at least mentally.

Anyway, half marathon training is officially underway. Just 60 days to go!

Mileage Report
Weekly: 15.4 miles
YTD: 579.85 miles (103 miles to go!)

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  1. Sounds a bit like my week. Mike was out of town for most of it, so that leaves me with me being super-mom, whether I wanted to or not. Had a bad week of runs. No pain, just fatigue - culminating in a 4 mile run full of self-doubt for how the next 60 days are going to shape up. At least the sunrise was pretty.

    Week: 12 miles:
    YTD: 308 miles!! Just under 200 more to meet my anual goal