Monday, October 31, 2011

Two steps forward, one step back

That's the way it seems with my running...two steps forward, one step back. I had a couple of great weeks of getting faster, and then Saturday's long run happens. It was slow. But I'm actually ok with it. With a run that long, I had time to really think about it and come to grips with it. I think sometimes we have runs like that to learn something.

What I learned:
1. I never "use up" anything, whether my energy and strength on a run or that Bath & Body Works lotion. I always want to save up for the "what if's" that might never happen. I'm working on it.

2. I'm finding that I finish strong. My last two miles were my fastest. Pretty cool.

3. I'm pretty darn proud of myself. I'm actually up and running when others are sleeping. I'm sticking to my training plan but also taking care of myself when necessary (like skipping a run Thursday). I finish the run.

I know there were a lot of factors that played into this slow run. I didn't have my speed-demon Momma to push me like last week. I had a week of being almost sick (or if I really admitted it, sick). I had two late nights at the end of the week due to the Rangers World Series games. I was up with a sick kid at 4 a.m. before the run. I had some stomach issues of my own before and even during the run. Yes, all those things could be excuses, but they are what they are...factors that had a role in the outcome of the run.

The run gave me lots of time to enjoy the beautiful weather we're having...chilly, for once! One really good thing was the lack of soreness I had afterward. I felt like I could have done another 10 within a half hour of stopping. And I had very little soreness at all and was able to enjoy the rest of the day with my family. Gotta be happy with that!

After spending about an hour fighting with my soon-to-be-replaced laptop, I gave up trying to get a fancy version of my splits (which I'm happy to say, I got my Garmin to do). Here they are:
Mile 1     12:26
Mile 2     12:19
Mile 3     11:48
Mile 4     12:21
Mile 5     11:21
Mile 6     11:46
Mile 7     11:44
Mile 8     11:49
Mile 9     10:48
Mile 10   10:59
Total      1:57:27

Mileage Report
Weekly: 19 miles
YTD: 658.85 miles


  1. Congrats Christy! I like that you called them factors instead of excuses. Factors happen! A bad stomach can definitely have a negative effect on a run. I've had to cut out dairy for at least a day before long runs as well as too much coffee and fiber the day before. I also try not to eat a snack the night before a long run. I bring ginger chews with me as well. They are spicy, but they do the trick...most of the time. Great run! Negative splits are awesome for a long run!!

  2. Week: 19.5 miles
    YTD: 381.55 miles