Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Thing Thursday

Three things that made me happy today...

1. Even though I've been awake for 17 hours now and on my feet and in heels for almost 15 of them, these shoes made it possible.

I'm too worn out to take a picture of my actual shoes right now.
The best part is that I only paid $11.89 for these shoes at Sears during their big clearance sale (by the way, I just saw that these are on clearance for $4.99 on right now!). I had to walk across a gravel parking lot twice for our annual 8th grade picture at the nearby stadium, hold parent conferences all day, and then walk across that same parking lot again to go to a high school football game this evening. And yes, my feet were happy when I took the shoes off, but I'm not hurting at all. Love these things.

2. My hubby knows how to brighten my day. He bought me these:
Giant pumpkin-shaped vanilla marshmallows
And yes, once again, I'm too tired to take pictures of mine
The coolest thing is that just a few weeks ago when I was talking about dipping marshmallows in chocolate, I said the only thing they needed to do was make pumpkin flavored ones...and they did! Can't wait to actually try these!

3. I almost didn't go to the football game with Chad and the kids tonight. I definitely could have spent the time cleaning, but the kids wanted me to go. And I'm so glad I did. We've really been struggling with SB being super whiny and fussy...but she actually talked to me during the game about her day and things that are important to her (like the latest iPad app she likes). Granted, she was whiny again after that, but it was so nice to have a real conversation with her and be reminded that she really does have a sweet, curious, fun-loving side. I needed that :)

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