Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nonstop Day

Why is it that on a school day, I can get up, run, shower, blow dry my hair, make lunches, make breakfast, get dressed, do the dishes, fold a load of laundry and still get out the door in about 2 hours but on Sundays, I barely make it to church with a shower...and that's it? How does that happen?

And that, my friends, is the way my day has been. Nonstop. On the go. Never resting.

And all I really wanted to do was bake some breakfast cookies and scones to put in the freezer for breakfast on the go. I doubt I'll find the time to do any baking this week though. Eh, well...that's the way it goes some days, huh?

On the plus side, I did make a double batch of mini-muffins early last week before school one day and was able to freeze a few for later. And we had breakfast for dinner one night this week, so I made a double batch of pancakes and froze a few of those too. I'm liking this double batch once, eat twice. I even cooked more chicken than needed for tonight's chicken spaghetti so Chad and I could have some chicken salad for lunches this week.

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  1. haha, I can SO relate to this! I think we all do that, at least sometimes! I know I do! Glad you were able to get all things that needed to be done, taken care of :)