Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Thing Thursday

Yes, I know, I already posted today, but that was supposed to be posted yesterday. So, here's today's...completely random, I know.

1. We hadn't really touched base with my parents this week, but we ended up with a date night tonight anyway :) I worked at school until almost 5 (and I'm still not completely caught up), but having that guilt-free time to work is such a blessing. And of course, getting to have some time just Chad and me is nice too!

2. I made the cutest little lunches (see pictures in the other post from today) for the kids and me for today. I don't think they were nearly as impressed as I was, but mine was good. I liked having the little finger foods for lunch.

3. I used music in my classroom today. Luckily, I can get on I just needed some background music so they could brainstorm so I used the classical "station" on the site. I was afraid to try anything else. I can just picture me playing some song with inappropriate words in it! I'll stick to instrumentals, I think.

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