Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm behind on these, but I can't go without posting about them. The school year has definitely started, and with it, my little ones are on new journeys of their own.

Sarah Beth has started first grade. She's already reading and a perfect angel at school (too bad that's not always the case at home).

Of course, Sarah Beth's first day is also my first day. We managed to have breakfast all together that first day, even if I did have to get there by 7.

And my baby, my little buddy, Ryan has started preschool. He's attending Learn & Grow, which is at our church. He's a little confused going to school at the place where he normally goes to "class" on Sunday mornings, but he seems to be enjoying it. We're pretty sure he's already gotten into trouble at least 3 times, but hey, at least he's honest about it. A friend drops him off and either my brother or sister-in-law takes him home, so our contact with the teacher is limited. For now, we're taking his word for what goes on in class...scary thought :)

I have to admit, routine is good for me, even if the runs are hotter (in the garage on the treadmill) and earlier (4:30 or so). Now, if I could just get control of those after-school munchies! I keep meaning to pack healthy snacks, but somehow, I also end up eating chocolate or a granola bar...but usually both.

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  1. chandra.lafrentz@gmail.comSeptember 7, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    Love it! Abigail gets confused when we get in the truck. Normally the only time she really goes for rides is when we go to church on Sundays. So anytime we get in the truck, she thinks we're going to Bible class.