Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Maybe, if I post this here, I'll actually hold myself to tomorrow's grueling speedwork. I'm scheduled for a 4-mile tempo run with a mile warmup and a mile cooldown. However, I did a tempo run last week and don't really feel like repeating the performance. So, here's my plan, a weird, twisted form of intervals that I'm hoping will teach my legs to maintain their turnover even when tired. I'll be on the treadmill, so the numbers correspond to mph. Here's the plan:

1-mile warmup (ok, so that doesn't really change...but I never warmup with this distance)
.5 mile @ 6.0
.5 mile @ 6.3
.5 mile @ 6.0
.5 mile @ 6.6
.5 mile @ 6.0
.5 mile @ 6.9
.5 mile @ 6.0
.5 mile @ 7.1
1-mile cooldown
Total: 6 miles

Ok, so I just realized that this will put me at 4 miles faster than last week's tempo run. Hmmm...maybe not a good idea. Maybe my slower repeats will be less than 6.0. I don't know. Or maybe I should do less than .5 mile repeats? I don't know now. I thought this would bolster my resolve, but now I'm more confused than ever.

After a little research (thank you, Google), here's what I found on sportslog.com:
Negative Split Intervals
1. Stretch and warmup with an easy 1 mile
2. Run 1 mile at 3-5% faster than race pace
-400 meter recovery
3. Run 1200 meters (3/4 mile) at 5-7% faster than race pace
-400 meter recovery
4. Run 800 meters (1/2 mile) at 8-10% faster than race pace
-400 meter recovery
5. Run 400 meters (1/4 mile) at 10-12% faster than race pace
6. Cooldown with an easy 1 mile recovery

I have absolutely no idea how to figure out this % thing, so here's my plan for the treadmill now:

1 mile warmup
1 mile @ 6.3 (8:57 mile)
.25 mile recovery
.75 miles @ 6. 6 (9:09 mile)
.25 mile recovery
.5 miles @ 7.0 (9:52 mile)
.25 mile recovery
1 mile recovery
Total: 5 miles

I don't think I like either of these. Now what?


  1. Your second plan sounds much more difficult than the first! You are only giving yourself a quarter mile recovery, and then increasing your speeds at the end. I know that is the point, but the speeds seem a little tough, at least they would be for me. You know your body, but don't try and makeup for the bad run earlier.

  2. It actually turned out to be just about right...I even added a slightly faster quarter mile right before the cooldown. I was a little worried about the first one being too far, too fast. I usually do a 6.0 for my tempo runs, but only for 3 miles or so.