Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Sound-Off

It's Saturday...time for the weekly and yearly mileage totals on the journey to 1100 km in 2011.

This week: 19 miles
YTD: 42.8 miles

I know my dailymile counter doesn't show all of this year's miles, but I used my log to backtrack to Jan. 1. I was so tempted to run an extra miles today so that this week's total would hit 20 miles.

Today's run was good. I definitely like running first thing in the morning better, but it was nice to run this afternoon in the warmer weather and sunshine. It was seriously windy though. I don't have to face that in the garage on the treadmill. I tried out my Asics arm warmers/sleeves for the first time, and I loved them! They were nice and cozy for the first couple of miles, and I was able to easily slide them down once I had warmed up.

I had 4 Honey Stingers around mile 1, and then took a Gu (Razz) at mile 4. I can't tell if they helped or not, but at least I didn't have a bad reaction to them.

I'm still mentally struggling with the idea that today's run was hard, and in just a couple of months, I'll need to be able to run twice as far. I am considering trying a run/walk approach. I haven't tried that since way back when I first started running. Even though I know it's not true in my head, I feel like I'm failing if I don't run the whole time. I'm going to have to get this figured out though.

On another note, my parents ran a race this morning. Mom ran a 10K and Dad ran a 5K...and both got first in their age divisions! Mom ran a 53:something! Amazing! Her legs are rocket boosters, I swear! I wish I could keep up, but I am so proud of her and excited for her! Dad ran his well too!

So, back to mileage and our 2011 many miles did you run this week? What's your yearly total?


  1. 18.5 miles this week with 2hrs of zumba :)

  2. I completed 20.8 miles this week! Not sure about my YTD.

  3. 6 miles this week, 14 YTD. I'll get there eventually!

  4. Hopefully I can be back out there the first of Feb. since I am also doing the Rock & Roll! I can't believe a toe fracture and messed up ligaments have knocked me out of running for a few months. Keep plugging are doing great!

  5. 10 miles this week. 46 YTD. Is this where you would like us to post weekly? Thank you for the motivation and accountability!

  6. Yes, least then I know someone's reading my blog :) Way to go on the mileage, all of you! Keep it up!

  7. 15 miles this week. This includes a 9 mile run at an avg 9:45 farthest distance ever! YTD 61 miles