Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Run

I ran my 6 miles yesterday as my first run of the year and as part of the World Run Day virtual run.

It was cold! At first, I thought I was overdressed, but as I ran, I quickly found out I was pretty right on. The only thing I ended up shedding was a buff I had around my neck. It was handy for the first mile or so, but then I warmed up and threw it in my vest pocket. I am loving my new Nike DriFit top with the thumbholes! And I love my BondiBand hat with the ponytail hole! And I love my new SpiBelt (even if I did forget to actually put my phone in it before I left).

I tried Honey Stingers as well, and while I'm still getting the hang of chewing and running, I liked the texture and the crazy energy rush, just a nice boost when I felt like I was lagging a bit. I only had a couple every couple of miles and am definitely trying them again.

It felt great to run on the first day of the omen of things to come this year. Unlike Friday's run, I spent this one thinking about the present and the year ahead. I tried to come up with some creative way of labeling or categorizing my resolutions for this year, but I came up short. So, instead, I just have a regular old list. It looks something like this:

1. Make time for a Bible study and prayer time daily
2. More face time and less Facebook (with my kids, husband, family and friends)
3. Strength train 2x a week
4. Finish my half marathon strong and decide on whether or not to do a marathon (which goes along with my goal to run 600 miles this year)
5. Increase fruits, veggies and water while decreasing refined carbs and sugar

You know, that looks a lot better than all the things I had floating around my head on the run. Hmmm...interesting. Usually a run is very clarifying for these sorts of things. Still, I came back thrilled that I'd run 6 miles in 1:10:16 (and I'd stopped to tie my shoe once...which I've never had to do on a run...and wait for a car once).

Today is a rest day, and I'm glad! I'm not too sore though, but I am looking forward to using The Stick to work out a few kinks.

We go back to school tomorrow, which always makes fitting in runs and training a little more difficult. Still, routine is a good thing. I'll get my miles in at 4:30 or so each morning before getting ready. Now if I can just get that strength training in. I guess I'll have to just get up that early 5 days a week now. I'd love to do it Tuesday/Thursday nights, but I just haven't gotten that down yet.

On a different note, I'm thinking about running with our puppy. Jessie's a 7-month-old black lab with entirely too much energy. She chews on everything, and I think a run or two a week would do her some good. There are a couple of problems with this though. First, she's not trained yet and doesn't follow commands and I don't feel like being pulled all over the planet. Second, I know that running with a dog is actually safer, but I hate dogs barking at me while I run and I know that running with Jessie will just make them bark more. Still, I think it would be good for both of us to run together. I just need to get her a good harness, and we'll head out for our first run.

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