Monday, January 3, 2011

Vitamins, supplements, etc.

After nearly tossing my cookies again this morning after taking my vitamins, I'm wondering if I need to think about switching something up. I'm happy with what I'm taking and the effects (well, except for that queasy feeling right after I take them). I can tell when I don't take them. Here's what I'm taking now:
1. Women's Metabolism Support one-a-day
2. B complex (this is my happy pill)
3. Magnesium (I'm almost positive this one keeps my headaches at bay)
4. Probiotic enzyme (and I can definitely tell when I don't take this one for more than a day or two...enough said)

I was taking CoQ10 to balance my cholesterol med, but since I haven't been taking that one like I should, I dropped the CoQ10.

I tried chromium (I think I'd read that it helped with weight loss) for a while, but it actually made me very angry feeling. As soon as I'd dropped it, those feelings went away.

And now, I'm trying fish oil. I got it a while back and then promptly (read: the next day) read that it might not be safe. Now, it looks like it is ok, so I started it tonight. We'll see how that goes.

My biggest goal is to get back in the habit of taking my calcium with vitamins D and K. I had thought about taking extra D and K, but for now, I'm just going to aim on getting the calcium chews in every day.

I guess the thing now is to figure out if I want to go through the hassle of finding what I want to take in a form that will a) be less likely to cause that weird puke-y, passing out feeling and b) be as effective as possible.


  1. Do you take them all at once? I used to feel that way, and then I started spacing them out during the day, and always with food, and felt much better.

    B vitamins - in the morning with food

    Magnesium - take with food, if you take more than one pill, spread it out across the day, don't take after 5pm as it could cause trouble sleeping

    Fish Oil - with food

  2. Good idea, Erin! I think it's the multi that is throwing me off. I take the calcium later in the day and the fish oil after meals. As long as there's some real food in my stomach, it's not a problem though.

  3. actually take quite a few suppliments. I take half in the am and half in the pm. I ALWAYS take them with a full meal

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