Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This morning (at 4:35, mind you) the alarm went off and I knew what was coming...speedwork. My Runner's World Smart Coach plan called for 3 1600 repeats, but I wasn't going for that. So I looked at the Hal Higdon plan and followed it. It called for 5x400 at 5K pace (which I altered to mean 7mph on the treadmill). It was a good workout, but I'm not sure I like 400's for a half marathon training plan. Next week will be a tempo run so I have a couple of weeks to figure this out. I may just modify my speedwork. I liked when I did increasing speeds for 400s or 800s. I also like intervals. And I really need to add hills somewhere. Still, the plan is to use Wednesdays as speedwork alternating tempo runs with something else (whether hills, intervals or flatout speedwork).

On a different note, I found this: And I'm seriously considering entering. Granted, the likelihood of me actually winning a spot is a million to one, but man, what if I did? How cool would that be? And would I be able to get the time off work? And would I be able to "hang with the big boys"?

A relay would really be awesome though! I've looked at and considered this one: Of course, I like that it's a Texas thing, but it really looks like a lot of fun. The logistics of a relay are mind-bogling to me, but I'd love to give it a shot!

Anyway, I'm back to counting calories (although I may skip counting today's...not good...not good at all). I'm hoping I can see some sort of change in the right direction. I'd really like to tone up before the half. Of course, that comes down to doing that darn strength training again...which I forgot last night...again. I even took the "plan" to school with me thinking I could do it on my conference period. Wrong!

And I signed up for these Choose You! contracts for weight loss and strength training, and I'm failing miserably. I think I've gained weight instead and I haven't done my strength training. I'm just glad I didn't tie a monetary amount to mine. I'm sure that's motivation, but I'd be losing some serous money at this point.

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  1. Hey Sis, I think you should enter for the relay! I'll even help you make the video if you want!!!