Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Sound-Off

It's that time again. Post your weekly miles!

Weekly: 12.5 miles (even if dailymile says 13)
YTD: 55.3 miles

I wanted to hit that magic "14" this week, and I would have if I'd managed to get a short run in yesterday like I'd planned. I just could not drag myself out of bed at 4:30 in the morning, and I decided playing at the park with the kids to make the most of the warmer weather yesterday afternoon was a better use of my time. I really had planned on running after school then...I'd even taken my running gear with me. Still, I'd promised my little boy we'd play at the playground across the street.

Off to the Pancake Festival to consume all the calories I just burned...can't wait!


  1. 18.5 miles...think I hit the 57/month goal for foot is a little hurt so no running today or tomorrow and then it's February

  2. Week: 16.3 miles
    YTD: 37.1 miles (that's missing the first 2 weeks of the year)