Monday, January 17, 2011

Making up for it

Ok, with Saturday's bad run, I knew I had to get in a run today and make it a decent one. While my training plan has me at only 2 miles on Mondays, I wanted more. So I did. I ran 4 miles in 40 minutes with a quarter mile warm up and cooldown (a total of 4.5, which btw, rounds up to 5). The first mile was rough, the second mile doable, but the last two were strong. In fact, I was pretty sure I had more in me. But...since I was sneaking in my run during nap time (I was in the garage on the CPS calls needed), I didn't want to spend too long out there. And it's a beautiful day outside! I would much rather have run outside in the fresh air, but alas...that's part of having kids, I suppose. We all sacrifice something.

I think I'm going to make some weekly easy, doable, short list of goals for the week. So even though we're in week 3 of January, here is list 1:
1. Drink my water
2. No candy
3. More veggies and fruits (let's aim on 5 servings a day)

I'll work on adding things as the weeks go by, but I know if my list is too long, I'll just get overwhelmed.

I'm still working on that strength motivation plan :) It will be ready sometime today, so it may be a double post kind of day.

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  1. I'm game with the water and more fruits and veggies (I'm not real big into veggies right now). But I can't give up my candy! It's what gets me through the day (plus I can use the excuse of pregnancy)!!!