Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another snow day

We went to bed last night expecting the snow to come in around midnight and anticipating at least a late start this morning. I purposefully set my alarm a half hour later figuring if we had a late start, I'd need to get my run before school. I checked Facebook and the district's site when I got up and didn't see anything about late start or cancellations...but I did see a local weatherman's comment that we got lucky with the storm, so I expected the was on time...and headed for the treadmill.

However, I wasn't even done warming up before I found out through texts, the news and my husband that we were cancelled. But since I was already there, I went ahead and did my speedwork for the day. Depending on which training plan I used, I was scheduled for either a 3-mile or 4-mile tempo run. I opted for the 3. I sort of made it an interval workout though. I warmed up for a mile (walking/jogging) and then ran 1 mile at 7 mph (which the best I can tell is an 8:34 mile...wowza!), ran another at 6 mph (10:00 mile), ran another at 7 mph...8:34!, then cooled down for a last mile. Those fast miles were hard, but I'm getting there! I really think I can break the 30 minute mark for a 5K soon...but I think I'll wait til after the half to try.

I did think about how far I've come once I came back inside. There was a point when I'd come in from my run, either on the treadmill or outside, all red-faced and winded and have to sit down in the shower for fear of passing out. Now, I can come back in from 5 miles and feel good. Amazing. Progress is good!

Of course, I did just realized that yesterday was Tuesday and I didn't do my core I know what part of today's snow day plan will be. Maybe I can convince the kids that working out with me is fun...I'm pretty sure I can. :)

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