Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday Sound Off...on Sunday

So, I just finished my "long" run for this week. It didn't go as planned. Yesterday I spent the day scrapbooking with my mom, sister, mother-in-law and husband's aunt...yay for finishing my son's baby album before he turns 4 in July! However, it made a long run impossible yesterday. And then the wind picked up and I got a headache today. I felt it let up a little and got geared up for a run. I figured a couple of miles was better than none. I felt great for the first mile, but then the heat and wind caught up with me. A week and a half ago, it was in the single digits, and today it's 80. And I wasn't smart enough to get up and run before church...of course, at that time, I was thinking I'd need a couple of hours to do 10. I ended up running 3 and walking one more.

Instead of beating myself up for not doing the full 10, I'm going to look at the positive things:
1. It's a beautiful day and I got to enjoy it.
2. I got to work on my tan (even if it now includes tan lines around a Garmin and a Road ID).
3. Recovery after 3 used to take me a long time, and now it's just a few minutes.
4. Soreness will probably be a non-issue.
5. 3 miles is better than no miles.
6. It's the beginning of an easy week.
7. It put me over 100 miles for the year so far!

So, with that being said, here are my mileage totals in the 1100km in 2011 challenge:
Weekly: 11.7 miles
YTD: 103 miles

Post your miles here!

And since I didn't get around to posting anything else this week, I probably ought to mention Wednesday's speedwork. It was a tempo run. Depending on which training plan I look at, it was for either 3 or 4. I chose a 5K. I warmed up and then started running. I hit 7 mph on the treadmill and hoped for the best. The last time I attempted that, I ran 1 mile at  7 mph, followed by 1 at 6 mph and then another at 7 mph...this time? I did all 3 at 7 mph for a time of 26:35!!! My goal has long been to break the 30-minute 5K (which I did with 29:12 a while back). But this? This rocked! Of course, my next goal is to do this in a race. We'll see...I'm not racing until after my half.

And since I'm a day late on this, I'll go ahead and plan out my week's runs. It's an easy week, according to my Runner's World Smart Coach plan. So it looks like this:
Monday-run an easy 4 or 5 miles
Tuesday-strength train
Wednesday-run an easy 4 miles
Thursday-run an easy 3 miles (maybe during daughter's dance class? Oh, but we have a dinner afterward...hmm)
Saturday-run an easy 4 miles

And there you have it.


  1. Total for the week--27 (but includes about 3 miles of cooldowns)

  2. I finally hit double digits! I ran 10 miles for my long run on Sunday. I didn't get my 7 mile tempo run in on Thursday, but life is life, right? :) I figured if I'm ready, I'm ready at this point. My miles this week: 12 YTD: 107 Yay for breaking 100! Congrats on your 100+ mileage, too!

  3. Week total: 14.1 miles
    YTD: 72.96

  4. Kendra, 27 is awesome! I haven't gotten a 20+ week in yet!

    And Vicki, you are so ready! I can't wait to hear how your race goes!

  5. I'm a little behind on posting, but I ran 16 miles this week YTD 123. This includes my 1st half marathon! It was so much fun! I never felt nervous, just excited. I never hit a "wall" that I expected to. It was a really great run minus the .6 mile hill at mile 9. That was tough! I'm ready to sign up for my next one already. My time was 2 hr 25 min. I had to stop to go potty once. Next time I won't drink a bottle of gatorade before the race! :) Christy, you are going to have so much fun! You are ready, the preparation really helps! This month is the month!!!