Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things that come in the mail

This week, I've had quite a few running things come in the mail, and I've got to say that makes me happy.

First, I got my World Run Day shirt in. I ran a "virtual run" on New Year's Day which signed me up for World Run Day November 6,  2011. I think it's a neat idea to host virtual runs where people all over the world can participate without having to travel to a race. I also like the idea of a day to promote running, and just being physically active in general. Check it out at World Run Day.

Then, I placed an order from Kelly's Running Warehouse after I got an email from them with a 10% and free shipping code. I've ordered from them before and liked their prices and fast shipping, so when I got this deal, I had to check out what they had. And here's what I found: 

I've looked at some over-the-ear style ear buds a lot lately, and they've all been pretty expensive. But these just use your existing buds, which you just slip into the little plastic forms. And presto! New ear buds! And for about $6! I wore them around the house for a little while and was impressed by how snug they fit. I have had a lot of trouble finding ear pieces that fit my ears well enough to endure a run. I'll give them a test run on Friday.

And then these...some new arm warmers. These are Asics, and with the discount only cost me $9. That's a lot cheaper than most places for arm warmers. I have these same ones in black, and I absolutely love them! Now I'm just happy to have them in my favorite color. With the frigid temperatures even in my garage, I may give them a test run Friday too.

I have one more package on its way. My sister reminded me of the company Running Skirts, and I had to check out their sale section. I couldn't actually see a picture of what I ordered (probably not a wise idea), but I got a purple and cheetah print running skirt for $20.11. And when I get the chance, I'll probably be ordering more from them. They have great prints on skirts and their skirts have some great features. I ordered an "athletic skirt" that has the shorts underneath. I'd really like to try out the skirt/capri combo.

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