Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Sound-Off

It's Saturday, and after a week like this one, I needed the long run today! And for more than one reason.
1. Being snowed in for four days made me crave sunshine.
2. Being snowed in for four days with 2 children made me crave "me" time.
3. Being snowed in for four days made me bake and eat a lot more than norma.
4. Did I mention we were snowed in for four days?

So, here's my mileage totals in this 1100km in 2011 challenge:
Weekly: 18 miles
YTD: 73.3

The 8-miler was good...hard, but good. I had planned on hitting the treadmill with a movie, but the weather got up to almost 50 degrees with sunshine and little wind. The snow/ice was melting pretty good. I had to dodge a lot of slick spots and slush, jumping over puddles and up on to the curb quite a bit, so it was interesting. Still, I could not pass up the outdoors on a day like today. Made my heart smile.

Despite the crazy week, I made all my runs this week. Still need to fit in one core training session, but I can do that this evening.

So, how did you fare this week? Post your mileage here!


  1. This week: 9 miles
    YTD: 46.1 miles

  2. I ran 2.5 on Tues., 2.5 on Thurs., and 2.5 today (sat)
    Total: 7.5 this week.
    They were all on the treadmill. I can usually go longer outside because the treadmill is so boring. I would like to get up to 6 miles. My longest so far has been 4.

  3. I did pretty well this week being sick...did 4.5 on wednesday and 4 yesterday...didn't do my long run today and went to zumba instead;)...guess I will get it in tomorrow!

  4. I too took advantage of the beautiful sunshiny day on Sat. This meant I ran 2 days in a row, which I'm not used to. So 9 miles became 6. Oh well, at least miles were logged. :)
    This week: 15
    YTD: 76