Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Schedule

A double-post day. But I've got to plan out the week.

Monday-Run 3 miles
Tuesday-Core training (and I have to do this! I was handling the longer runs so much better the few weeks I actually did this.)
Wednesday-Speedwork; 2-4 1-mile repeats with a 1-mile warmup and cooldown
Thursday-3 miles (during dance again, I suppose, although I do have a tball team mom meeting right after)
Friday-Core training
Saturday-10 miles...oh, yes, it's here!

This week is seriously crazy...tball practice, TAKS testing, wedding shower at work, Hang Time at church, dance, team mom meeting, Married Night Out, long run, fishing rodeo, birthday party, hubby's umpiring...whew...I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Somewhere in there, I have to grocery shop and buy some new running shoes. It's definitely time for a new pair!

And while this would make it seem like getting my runs in won't be likely, I think it really means that I just need to make sure these runs happen all the more. I'm going to think of my 10-miler as 2 hours of peace and quiet! And the ice bath afterwards? A relaxing soak in the tub (ha, that will take some serious "mind over matter"!).

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  1. I'm a little behind on posting, but I ran 16 miles this week YTD 123. This included 1st half marathon! It was so much fun, I never felt nervous, just excited. I never hit a "wall" that I expected to. It was a really great run minus the .6 mile hill at mile 9. That was tough! I'm ready to sign up my next one already. My time was 2 hr 25 min. I had to stop to go potty once. Next time I won't drink a bottle of gatorade before the race! :) Christy, you are going to have so much fun! You are ready, the preparation really helps and you've put in the miles! This month is the month!!!
    * I posted this on another of your entries and realized it wasn't the most recent. :)