Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Sound-Off

Today is Saturday...long run day. I guess I can quit saying that I ran "the farthest ever" since they all will be from here on out. I ran 9 miles today! Yes, 9! I was tempted to run one more just to hit the dreaded double digits. But I didn't. I only ran 8 last week, so running 9 was pushing the 10% rule already.

I ran the 9 miles in 1:40:57. I'm ok with that. Of course, I'll always wish it was faster. But I ran the first 8 miles in about a minute less than it took me last week. I was really glad to be running outside again. I ran while my hubby was at his umpire meeting and the kids were still with the family members they stayed the night with. I wanted to wait til the afternoon just to be able to enjoy the warmer weather, but I didn't want to take time away from them once they were home. It turned out fine though. Yes, it was quite chilly when I started, and I really wish I had worn my gloves and something over my ears for the first couple of miles. However, the long-sleeved Nike DriFit shirt with the thumbholes (in hot pink!) and my cheap Old Navy fleece vest were perfect and only got too warm for maybe the last mile or so...and even then, not warm enough to shed the vest.

I carried my water bottle with the that thing! My new dilemma, though, is that I need more water. I think it's a 20-ounce bottle, but I am at the bottom by the end of 9 miles. What will I do when I run 10 or more? I'm not worried about the race because there will be water stops and such, but I have training runs before that.

I tried a variety of fuel, just like last week. I had 3 Honey Stingers around mile 3, another 2 at mile 5 or so, and then some beans around 6.5 and again at 8 (I think...didn't pay a whole lot of attention, to be honest). I really, really liked the Stingers. I could feel when they hit without any weird "rush" feeling. The beans are good too, but they were a little chewy in the colder temperature. I tried Gu last week, but honestly didn't feel much of an effect from it. I should probably take a look at what will be offered at the half.

I did rethink my idea of no music on outside runs. I don't like to run with my iPod outside for several reasons: I like to hear the cars/dogs/people around me, I like to enjoy just being outside, I like to think and pray. But around mile 6 or so, I started questioning why I didn't have it with me. Frankly, I was getting bored. If I did have it with me, I could always turn it off. I don't know. Something to think about, I guess.

When I got back, I was feeling a few spots on my legs and thought an ice bath might be a good idea. And while it probably is/was, wow! Nothing can prepare you for that feeling.

I had read enough about ice baths that I felt like I was prepared. I wasn't. I did get the bathroom all warm and toasty. I did wear a fleece jacket. And I did have a hot drink ready...a hot vanilla, which I highly's basically hot milk with sugar and vanilla...the perfect recovery drink and warm enough to keep you warm...sort of.

I don't know if it actually helped. I'm still up and walking. I'm willing to try it again, I suppose.

So, here's the weekly mileage report:

Weekly: 18 miles (oh, if only I had pried my self out of bed Friday morning and gotten in 2 more)
YTD: 91.3

Looking forward to hitting 100 miles this week! Post your mileage!


  1. 20.5 miles this week...I'm doing my long run today...My goal is 8 miles since I did 7.5 last Sunday...

  2. This week: 7.1 (with 40 minutes of hip hop and 45 minutes of Wii "Just Dance")
    YTD: 53.36 miles

    I'm a little behind, but I'm also 19 weeks pregnant! I'm just happy to be up and moving!

  3. Since I've decided to count my other workouts as miles (15 minutes = 1 mile), I actually completed 12.6 miles last week. That makes my YTD total: 58.86. Not much difference, but it helps!