Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goals, or at least one

It just dawned on me that I'm doing pretty good on my goals for 2011...but it's now almost the end of the year. I haven't even started to think about new ones. However, I now have at least one.
My husband and I signed up for this race today. He'll be running his first 5k! I'll be doing the 10k. Lots of our family and friends will be running it too. I am so excited that Chad has decided to do this! He say he hates to run, but I'm thrilled that he is giving it a try. If he really doesn't like it, I'm ok with that too.

And what can be bad about a race that gives you a running jacket and chocolate goodies at the finish line?!


  1. Chocolate AND a running jacket?!! Yes please!

  2. how cool! can't wait to hear the recap on both you and hubby :)