Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Never Too Late

It's December, so I had just about given up on my two time goals for the year. I only had four goals: run 1100km in 2011, run a half with Chandra (check), run a sub-26 5k, and run a sub-60 10k. I had come so close to that 10k goal this spring, and then things fell apart. I just figured I'd concentrate on the half and worry about the speed later. After last weekend's chaotic, crowded race (and a frustrating morning with the kids), I was ready for a good run this afternoon.

I took off and it immediately felt one in front of me or near me, just the road and me. It was chilly and a little hazy, but beautiful. It felt good physically, and was good for the soul. I had no real distance planned, thinking I'd run 3 or 4 miles today.

The first mile was in 9:38. I thought that was pretty darn good since it usually takes me a mile or two to warm up. The second mile followed suit with a 9:34. I figured I'd see how I'd do for a 5k, so the third mile was in 9:35. I still felt great, so I just kept on going. At the end of mile 4 (in 9:30), I could feel my muscles tiring, but nothing hurt. That made me realize that I could potentially get that elusive sub-60 10k I've been chasing all year.

The run did get a little harder, but it never hurt, never felt bad. I am sure I had a huge grin when I made 5 miles in under 50 minutes because I knew then that I was going to do it! With my last mile in 9:06 and the last .2 in less than 2 minutes, I so did!

I can not tell you how good it feels to finally reach that goal! Even better is that I just really needed that run today. After being so frustrated with my performance at the half last weekend, a long week of catching up, and a rough morning with the kids, that run left me feeling positive, energized, and strong.

Mileage Report
Weekly- 9.73 miles
YTD- 773.5 miles