Monday, December 19, 2011


I was thrilled today to receive a Secret Santa gift from the blogger exchange over at Run With Jill. Here's what I got...4 sparkly Active Bands...aren't they cute?!

I tried to get my daughter to take a picture of me wearing the pink one, but those didn't turn out so well :)

I wore one to workout at the Y with my husband (week 2, workout 1 of C25K). I loved it. It held back all those little flyaways and didn't budge.

The only thing is my Secret Santa didn't tell me who she is...just signed it Secret if you are her, please let me know who you are! And thanks so much! These are awesome!


  1. The headbands are very cool :).
    If your blog buddy doesn't identify themselves soon, please email me and I will find the info for you!

    Have a fantastic holiday!