Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last run of the year

Today was my last run of the year. Crazily, The weather was in the upper 70's...and beautiful!
It was not an easy run, and I had to resort to walking .15 every mile and half-mile after 4 miles. However, I enjoyed the run. It didn't bring me much clarity when it comes to my New Year's resolutions like I'd hoped, but here's what I came up with:
1. Eat healthy 5 days a week (no sugar or white carbs)
2. Run or cross-train 4 times a week
3. Read my Bible 3 times a week
4. Strength train 2 times a week

Mileage Report
Weekly: 11.7 miles
YTD: 809.95 miles

More than 800 miles for the year! I'm thrilled with that! My goal was 1100k, or 683 miles...and I totally got that! I'm working on a specific number for next year...stay tuned :)

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