Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Race Recovery Should Have's

So...Sunday's race taught me a everything I did wrong. Here is what I should have done instead:

1. I was starving as we crossed the finish line (and freezing) and slurped down two Go-Gurts because I figured yogurt is kind of like milk. Wrong. I should have waitied for my chocolate milk packed in my husband's backpack.

2. Our hotel didn't have a bathtub, and I was freezing by the time we got to the room. Instead of an ice bath to help my sore muscles, I took a nice hot shower to warm up. I should have iced my legs instead.

3. Two short flights, a layover and a car ride home means a whole lot of sitting still. I should have worn my compression sleeves.

4. I was so ready to see my kids, and I slipped right into mommy-mode when we got home. I should have taken a few minutes to foam roll and use The Stick.

5. I just let laziness get the best of me and didn't really think about it. I should have taken ibuprofen regularly the day after the race.

Maybe it's not the best way to learn my lessons, but they are still lessons learned.


  1. I am in agreement on all points. I did some walking on Monday after the race and I think that helped. I'm feeling better today, but I think I'm taking the rest of the week off from running. If anything, no more than some walking on the treadmill for short a mile or so.

    Do you think the Epsom salts helped?

  2. oh no...lots of lessons learned!! freezing AND hungry? Ugh, that's never a good combo!