Monday, August 15, 2011


The first thing my sweet son said when he woke up this morning (in my bed, no less) was, "Mommy, why do we have things to get over like obstacle courses?" He's four. I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff. But I do know it was perfectly fitting given the morning I was already having. So, with my best mommy-isms, I told him that when things get in our way we have to move around them, jump over them or crawl under I did this morning.

Too dark outside? Jump! Head to the garage...

Treadmill still on loan? Dodge to the right! Try the Gazelle...

Can't unearth the thing from the piles? Duck! Give a new circuit workout a try...

And that is what I did...I made lemon juice from the lemons life handed me. I can't quite say I made lemonade, but I did at least make this morning work. I really wanted to pound the pavement this morning...a weekend out of town with the kids will do that to you. And I know I really needed to ride a few miles. I'm a chicken though and just can't get comfortable running or riding outside (maybe if I get lights on my bike?) alone that early in the morning.

The treadmill is back in its happy home now, so the rest of the week, I'll at least have that option.

However, the upside here is I tried out a new strength training circuit I saw in a magazine (Women's Health, I think). I probably never would have gotten around to trying it if this morning hadn't happened the way it did. And it was a decent workout...20 minutes or so, hitting arms, legs, abs and back in 5 moves. I'm liking that idea. I noticed my new Fitness magazine has a similar type of workout where each move does double duty. For a time-crunched, multi-sport, back-to-work momma, that's a plus.

This evening we saw this...

It rained this past weekend, but we were out of town (driving in it actually). We didn't get to really enjoy the rain like we did tonight. The kids loved watching it rain out the big window. When it first started, I couldn't resist going out and standing in it for a few minutes. If it hadn't been lightning, we may have all gone out and played in it. The rain was good for my soul...a quick respite from this heat.


  1. i hate workouts when things seem to be going against you, but you did it! Ah, we NEED rain around here SO badly. They've shut down all pools, sprinkling, watering...anything! NO WATER AT ALL :-(

  2. Marissa, we need a lot more than we got (less than a half-inch, I think). We've broken a new record for more than 80 days over 100 degrees this year. Many of them have been 105 or more. Yuck!