Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly Miles

We took a mini vacation this weekend before I go back to work tomorrow. We were never able to get away any other time this summer. I had high expectations for the trip...I should know better. We did have fun, but the kids tried my patience more than I would prefer (which is never, really).

We did get to eat out at some of our favorite places, and we tried a few new things. We stayed in a hotel with an indoor pool so we could enjoy it. The weather was actually pleasant yesterday so that made getting out and about easier. The kids wanted to spend some birthday money at Build-a-Bear, so we did that. I wanted to see if IKEA was all it's cracked up to's not. Well, I guess it would be if you were a college kid or were trying to set up your first place or remodel. Since none of those apply to us, it was just a lot of chaos
. The best part was definitely being able to check the kids into the play area so we could look around. They loved it and thought it was more fun than shopping could ever be.

This morning, we took the DART downtown, but the kids were having no part of walking around there. They did, however, like the rail ride, especially Ryan...he kept saying this was the best part of the trip and his first train ride.

With day camp last week and the trip this weekend, I did not get in near enough miles for my tastes.

Mileage Report
Weekly: 9.7 miles
Yearly: 464.35 miles

My treadmill is on loan to my church as a visual aid for a sermon this morning. I don't know if I'll have it back in time to run tomorrow very early. I may try to ride tomorrow. I am just not sure about riding alone at dark thirty. I know I don't run outside that early in the dark. Is riding any different?

I am just not having any luck with this dual sport thing. If it wasn't so hot in the evenings and afternoons, it would probably be a lot easier to do. Plus, I fell off the crunch and pushup wagon, so I really need to work on getting some sort of core or strength training in. I found a workout in a magazine that I really like, mainly because it is actually geared to dropping a few pounds (while still working the major muscle groups). Now, just to fit it in to my already-packed week. I'm thinking I might be able to do it while Chad rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I need to invest in a huge family calendar or some miracle-working planner to keep this all straight.


  1. This was a light week for me to (per the schedule). It felt kinda weird. I wanted to do more, but I know I need the light weeks for recover.

    Week: 11.1 miles
    YTD: 206 (YEA! Past the 200 mile mark!)

  2. It's hard fitting everything in. I have a color coded calendar for my family.

  3. When I had a Palm, I had a color-coded calendar, but I haven't found an app for that :)

  4. Try Google calendar. Let's you color code stuff.