Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekly Mileage Report

The run that almost wasn't...that was today. I knew today's run was in trouble after one kid had already come into our room and crashed on the couch in there by 1:30 and another joined us at 2:30. The biggest problem, however, was yet to come. When Ryan came into our room and crawled into bed on my side, he asked for some water and I went to get him some. He'd taken over my side by the time I came back, so I crashed in his room. It just wasn't worth the fight. Plus, my feet are having some sort of weird hot flash issues, so I was sitting there with an ice pack on them. I heard my husband up and around and got up to see what was going on, just in time to almost crash into him on his way to grab some towels...yep, Ryan threw up all over our bed. Guess a snack of chocolate Easter bunny, very little dinner and a cookie before bed weren't the best ideas after all.

So, after cleaning him up and getting things settled back down, Chad and I were awake. We watched TV for a while, sharing some much needed, we-know-we're-going-to-be-exhausted laughs, before I felt sleepy enough to crash on our unmade bed. When the alarm went off at 6, I turned it off, thinking to myself that I'd give myself a few minutes since the sun wasn't even up yet anyway. At 6:47, I woke back up and decided I should probably attempt a few miles. Chad and I never quite coordinated a sitter for this morning so we could get a long ride in anyway.

The good thing about my delayed start time was when I went out on the porch to put on my shoes, my sister was running by. We got to walk/run the first couple miles together...well, my first couple...she'd already put in a couple herself. It was so nice to have a running buddy for once! We talked and the miles went by quickly. I am so proud of her! She just had her baby a little over a month ago and is doing great...she's listening to her body and walking/running at her own pace. Way to go, sis!

Because I'm adding cycling into the mix, I'll be using half of the bike riding miles in my tally. I wanted to keep my challenge miles just running, but since the cycling takes up a running day, I'll keep it this way for now.

Mileage Report:
Weekly: 13.85 miles (8.5 from running)
YTD: 454.65 miles

Coming up this month:
Moms Run This Town Virtual 5K--I'm hoping to do this one with my mom and sister, although finding a time is going to be hard once we go back to school.

Not Over the Hill Virtual 5K--I need to get this one done before August 13.

Hotter N Hell--August 27...I'm really looking forward to riding 25 miles with my hubby, even if I'm not quite sure how to increase my mileage and fit the training in right now.

I did sit down and create my training plan for the rest of the year (well, until December 4). I used SmartCoach on Runners World again. I still have to do some tweaking, but it looks pretty workable. It worked out perfectly that by creating it this week, I ended up with a 6 mile long run on the date of the Archer City Shortgrass Scamper 10K.

This coming week is officially my last week of summer. It's a busy one too, but I'm going to enjoy my last few runs outside before school starts.


  1. I had a great week! It feels great to start jogging again! And I had a blast running with you this morning. We'll need to plan some runs together!

    Weekly: 15.51 miles
    YTD: 331.81 miles

  2. I have a 6 mile run scheduled for August 17th too. I guess I'll just be running the virtual version of the Shortgrass Scamper. Though it would be more fun to be there with you running it!

    Weekly: 14 miles
    YTD: 195 miles - 200 is just around the corner, which means I will need to reevaluate my yearly goal. I'm getting there quicker than I expected and will hit 360 miles (my current goal) in about 3 months. WooHoo!! Thanks for being such a motivation for me! I really wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for you.

  3. wow, lots scheduled for this month! good luck to ya and awesome to add cycling to the mix! Great work!