Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Thing Thursday

1. We went to Sarah Beth's Meet the Teacher tonight. I'm glad they had it this year. Last year, as she was going into kindergarten, the school switched to a parent day for the first day of school, and of course, I couldn't stay for that. I'm excited as she goes into first grade!

2. As for my year, it's getting off to a slow start. I'm still getting my room in order after they took out my carpet and replaced it with tiles. I am hoping to get it all done tomorrow...well, I guess I have to since school starts Monday. I am excited about a few new things for the year...a new goal-setting project and trying to start a healthy choices group.

3. I'm going to try and repeat Monday's strength training circuit tonight. It really was a good workout (read: I was sore for a couple of days) so I would really like to stick with it. I have got to add something or switch something up in order to lose these stubborn pounds and increase my speed.

1 comment:

  1. I've started strength training this week, too! We'll have to keep each other motivated!