Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Thing Thursday

1. I had a great time with my kids at a local spray park. We've only been there one other time. Today, I was actually helping out with the kids' day camp my church hosted and my daughter attended. The weather took an unexpected turn today and wasn't nearly as hot it's been here lately. It was a great way to finish up my summer break (although a nap would have been nice!).

2. Mission: Declutter is coming along nicely. Granted, most of what's going on is in places most people don't see. And all of the stuff we've decluttered is, well, gone, so there's no evidence left. However, I love walking into my closet and seeing the neat shelves and my jewelry hung up so I can find it. I love being able to put up dishes and not have the plastic containers fall out of the cabinet on me. I love the clear countertops, dresser and nightstand...a much calmer feeling all around.

3. We have a weekend family getaway planned. We're not hitting any tourist spots, amusement parks or big events. What we're looking forward to most is chilling out in the hotel, swimming in the pool, eating out, going to Build a Bear and maybe catching a movie. I start back to work tomorrow (and haven't packed stress there) and go back Monday for the first full week back, so this is our last chance at a mini vacation. I'm looking forward to it, with no expectations.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds fun! Have a good mini-vacation! Miss you!